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         Save Money - Save the Planet - Don't Break the Bank?   
It's finally Possible with Ulma!
Now for 2013 - Package boilers and furnaces!
Pellet-Pro is pleased to announce that for the first time in North America, the revolutionary Ulma Pellet burner is now avilable; the same high tech burners that have heated homes throughout Europe for decades. So, for the price of a good pellet stove, you can now heat your entire house and your domestic hot water. 
These units are designed to safely replace the oil burner in your existing or new boiler or furnace to provide cost saving, renewable heat for your home.
Please take a look around and learn how central heating with an ULMA pellet burner has a reasonable cost, saves money every day, and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. 
Want To Be an Ulma Certified Installer?

We are always looking for well qualified installers to represent our products.  If you are interested in working with us to install and maintain the best burner available today.
 No More Comprimises!

"I had an cheap pellet boiler for a few years. Cheap only described the quality.  After years of downtime and expensive repairs, I replaced it with an ULMA 2000TC.  Not only is it dependable, it cost considerably less than my "cheap" pellet boiler.
And I burn 30% less pellets now!"
                                            -Scott R.-

                                                                       BUY DIRECT AND SAVE!                                                              


We are launching the ULMA 2000TC in North America with a direct purchase plan.  Now for the price of a good pellet stove, you can start saving money and the planet.  Please contact us with as much information as possible about your heating system so we can determine if the ULMA is right for you.


Please keep in mind that pellet burners are not for everyone; so consider the following to determine your suitability:


Burners require periodic cleaning - You will need to open your boiler every 2-3 weeks and clean out the ash. If you are used to a pellet stove, burners

                                                             are much easier to service. If your burner does not get cleaned regularly, it will turn itself off.


     Burners need to be fed pellets -  There are options to have pellets automatically delivered to you.  Check with your local suppliers to see what 

                                                             options are available.  Otherwise, depending on the size of your storage, you will need to fill the bin on a regular

                                                             basis ranging from every couple of days to monthly.


                Burners need a backup -   If you travel a lot on business or are leaving on vacation, you will need to switch it out with your oil burner.  It is a

                                                             simple process, but if you have two left thumbs, you may need to have someone do it for you.