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Basic Requirements

Let's get started by examining the basic requirements that must be considered in an ULMA pellet heating system.


- Please make certain that your installation conforms with all state and local requirments.


- Your chimney must be a minimum of 6" in diameter and have sufficeint draft.

(a new exterior chimney can be installed.)


- Much like a pellet stove, a pellet burner system requires regular cleaning every 2-4 weeks. Once accustomed to this process, it can easily be completed in 10-15 minutes.

(you may also choose to enter a maintenance contract with your installer).


About Burners

How much can burning pellets save?

   The easiest answer is 1 ton of pellets has the same energy content as 125 gallons of

   heating oil.  As of 11/01/2013, the savings was over 50%. 

What size boilers will Ulma Burners work with?

   Ulma burners will work in heating appliances ranging from 50,000 - 180,000 btu. The rule   

   of thumb is that you want a pellet burner that is sized for about 50-75% of the boiler rating. 

   This allows longer, more efficient combustion periods and longer ignition element life.


Can a burner be used with any boiler or furnace?

   Most, but not all boilers are compatible due to construction, tube arrangement, combustion

   chamber size, or direct venting of exhaust. Virtually all existing wood boilers are

   compatible with ULMA burners.  


How does an ULMA Burner mount to my boiler?

   The burner is either mounted directly to the door of your boiler 

   where the oil burner was mounted or, by use of an included flange,

   set the burner back in smaller combustion chambers.  The

   existing opening must also be enlarged to allow for the larger tube.


Do I need a Buffer Tank with my system?

   No and yes - Buffer tanks add water volume to your heating system.  This means that your

   burner comes on less often; has longer, more efficient burns, and saves your ignition

   element from wear. Wood and larger boilers generally do not require a buffer.  Newer "low

   mass boilers" can benefit from buffers.


Can I still use my oil burner as a backup or if I go on vacation?

   Yes! we strongly recommend that your ULMA burner be mounted to a replacement door or

   that you use an optional flange to remount your oil burner in a matter of minutes. 


Do I need new mechanical or electrical components for a pellet burner?

   No, the ULMA burner is designed to be a "component part" of the heating system.  This

   means that your existing boiler controls and low water, high temperature and high pressure

   fail safes continue guarantee the safety of your system. 


Will my insurance company be OK with me using a pellet burner?

   Definitely.  The ULMA burners are listed by Guardian Fire Testing Laboratories as a

   conversion burner designed to convert any existing boiler to burn pellets and comply

   with all safety requirements. Of coarse, it is important that you follow all state and

   municipal building codes. 


How much work is involved in burning pellet?

   If you have a pellet stove, a pellet burner is much easier.  If not, there is some routine

   cleaing that anyone can perform.  The burner is cleaned by use of the integral scraper.  A

   couple of pulls on the arm every few days is all that is needed. Every 2-3 weeks the boiler

   will need to be swept clean of ash.  The process takes 8-12 minutes and is done by

   opening the door and cleaning the ash from the heat exchange areas and from the bottom 

   of the boiler. This task can also be performed with an ash vacuum if there is no door.  If the

   unit is being mounted to a wood boiler, cleaning of the boiler may only be once or twice per



How often do I need to fill the pellet hopper?

   Pellet hoppers come in all shapes and sizes. Our available hoppers are shown to the

   right. They range in capacity from 3 days to 3 weeks. (based on high volume use)

Pellet Storage Options

These are our standard pellet hoppers. Other options are availabe through us to meet special requirements, through outside vendors for blown in delivery, or through good old   yankee ingenuity.








7 bag capacity


3 - 4 days









15 bag capacity


6-8 days










42 bag capacity


3 weeks